Saturday, 1 January 2022

Society of One Place Studies - Blogging Prompts 2022

A New Year, a new challenge!

In 2018, I started researching the houses on a street close by to where I live. In 2020 I joined the Society of One Place Studies with my Street Study of The Crescent in Taunton, Somerset, England. 

I made a great start to my study in 2020 and into 2021 and then in March came to a halt, quite suddenly! These things happen and it was a crazy combination of circumstances that just meant I did not keep up with what I had planned to do...Well, that is in the past now and it is time to move onwards and upwards! 

I am fortunate in that I live just a short walk from the place that I have chosen to focus my One Place Study on, although the residents of The Crescent came from and moved away to many different areas around the globe.  

This year, the Society of One Place Studies has invited everyone to take part in their Blogging Prompts. I look forward to taking part. So what are the blogging prompts that have been set for the first six months of 2022...

So, January 2021 is #OnePlaceBlackSheep. Well, the first question for me was, what is a black sheep? So turning to Wikipedia, I find that it is:

" idiom used to describe a member of a group, different from the rest, especially within a family, who does not fit in."

Wow! This could describe me in so many different ways! This month's blogging prompt will take some thought and consideration. 

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated along with hearing from folks taking part in #OnePlaceBlogPrompts. My handle on Twitter is TheCrescentOPS.

It would be wonderful to hear from you via the comments section on this blog or via my Facebook pageIf you would like to see the tree that I have been building for my One Place Study for each individual house, it is on Ancestry under The Crescent Taunton One Place Study. This study is also part of the Society of One Place Studies, the One Place Studies Directory and the Street Study Directory.