Wednesday, 13 January 2021

The history of Unison House

This year, the Society of One Place Studies has invited everyone to take part in their Blogging Prompts 2021. I am looking forward to taking part. So what are the blogging prompts that have been set for the first six months of 2021...

So, January 2021 is focused on #OnePlaceLandmarks. In my first blog post, I considered the possible landmarks that were in my One Place Study of The Crescent in Taunton and looked at those listed on the Historic England's Listed Buildings website. There were 6 listed buildings. I have decided to focus on one of these and have chosen Unison House. 

Unison House is on the East side of The Crescent in Taunton, Somerset, England, was where the regional offices for UNISON Somerset were based. UNISON is a trade union, based in the United Kingdom, open to members who are mainly employees in public services. They represent their paying membership, negotiating and bargaining on their behalf as well as campaigning for better working conditions and pay for public services workers. UNISON moved out of Unison House in Summer 2017, after signing a 10 year lease for offices in Tangier Central, Taunton [1], which is just a 10 minute walk from where it was located on The Crescent in Taunton.       

In April 2018, Windsor Properties (Taunton) applied for planning permission for a change of use to the building from being office space to become residential [2]. Conditional planning permission was approved on 11 June 2019 by Somerset West and Taunton Council [3]. I have found it really interesting to look through the planning application [4] that Windsor Properties (Taunton) made to Somerset West and Taunton Council as it gives detailed survey drawings of the building along with proposed plans for changing the building into residential apartments. As UNISON House is on the Historic England's Listed Buildings, there are rules around what can be changed to a building which is listed. It is noted that the list entry was subject to a Minor Amendment on 14 September 2018 [5]

Next time, I will look further back in time into the history of Unison House, on The Crescent in Taunton. It would be wonderful to hear from you via the comments section on this blog or via my Facebook page if you have any information regarding Unison House and its history or on any residents of The CrescentThis study is also part of the Society of One Place Studies and the One Place Studies Directory

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